Acoustic Insulation: Sound insulation refers to the prevention of noise being transmitted through a construction element of a building from one space to another.

The control of sound in rooms of buildings may be classified with respect to the origin of the sound-namely. sounds originating within the room and sounds originating outside the room.

Efficient and economical control of sound is dependent not only upon its origin. but also upon the design of the enclosure and type of occupancy.

For reduction of sound originating within a room, the sound absorption qualities of the walls, ceiling and flooring as well as furnishings are important. The type and use of the room affords the architect latitude in the selection of sound absorption materials for elements of the room.

Enclosures with relatively low ceilings. and rather small exposed wall areas, as in offices and schoolrooms, the use of acoustical ceilings, floor coverings, and interior furnishings might be the more effective solution

Transmission Loss: Transmission loss is a measure of the effectiveness of a wall, floor, door or other barrier in restricting the passage of sound The transmission loss varies with frequency and the loss is usually greater with higher frequencies

Sound transmission loss measurements are conducted in accordance with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) designation E-90.

Measurements are made at 16 frequencies in 1/3 octave bands. from 125 to 4000 cycles per second. (cps) (generally called Hertz. Hz). The unit of measure of better it functions as a barrier to the passage of unwanted noise.

Cafcotherm provides high sound absorption properties. It is used for application on steel and concrete frames, coffered or flat concrete soffits, plastered ceilings, metal decks, and return air plenums.
Freely curved surfaces may be formed in expanded metal or rib lath and then coated with Sound Shield. It may also be used as a texture coating over hard, smooth continuous surfaces

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