Sprayed Concrete consists of a mixture of Cement, Aggregate and Water (It may also include fiber and / or admixtures), conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity from a Nozzle to produce a dense, homogenous mass.

The force of the impact of the surface compacts material, which can support itself without sagging even in wall and overhead applications.

Properties: Sprayed concrete is an extremely versatile material, requiring a relatively limited amount of construction plant.

However, it can be used effectively and in suitable applications only with a full appreciation of the similarities to, and differences from, normally placed concrete. Whereas the later needs to be transported placed, compacted and finished in four separate operations, spraying enables the four stages to proceed in a single operation

Wet Process: A mixture of Cement and Aggregate (Weight Batched) mixed with water in a mixer truck prior to being conveyed through a pipeline to a nozzle where air is injected and the mix, projected without interruption into place.

"Wet gun" means the wet (already mixed) concrete is pumped to the nozzle. Air is added at the nozzle to carry the concrete mix to the target -- again pneumatically applied. We call the system "wet gunning." Here too operator training is important, but not quite as technical for wet gunners.

Dry Process: Gunite consists of fine graded aggregate ideally containing not over 6% moisture, mixed with cement in specified ratio and projected pneumatically by compressed air through a fine rubber hose at high velocity, attaining final hydration or wetting just before being ejected from specially designed nozzles.

The water / cement ratio for Gunite is substantially less than the conventional mixes, thus less shrinkage is encountered. The coefficient of expansion in Gunite is considered to be about that of low carbon steel.

The force of the propelling compressed air carrying the wet motor impacts the material onto the surface being gunited, resulting ill an extremely dense and compact accumulation of zero concrete


Permanent Shoring for piles/Diaphragm Walls
Concrete Rehabilitation
Soil Stabilization
Structural Fireproofing

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